Family Islanders Feel That the Government Has Abandoned Them

Today PLP Senators Clay Sweeting and Dr. Michael Darville issued a call to the government to act urgently to protect the health and well-being of the people of Spanish Wells.

Senator Sweeting said: “Last week I begged the government to act swiftly to restore water supplies to the people of Central Eleuthera. Today we are facing an even bigger crisis.

“After a person tested positive for Covid-19, mass rapid testing was conducted at the Food Fair grocery store where they worked. We believe about a third of the staff were found to be positive, even though they displayed only mild or no symptoms. Several of my family members who work there have also since tested positive, but so far no-one from the Ministry of Health has contacted them or me in regards to contact-tracing.

“In a small community such as ours, the virus will continue to spread rapidly with potentially fatal consequencs for some in our community. Once again I beg the government to act urgently to secure the health of familiy islanders.”

In support of Senator Sweeting, Dr. Michael Darville, Co-Chair of the PLP Task Force said: “It is to avoid exactly this kind of situation that the first point on the PLP Covid Action Plan calls for widespread free testing. We cannot wait until people are symptomatic to test them, because we know that the virus is spread by people with mild or no symptoms. Because the pathology of this virus is so different from person to person, we are unnecessarily risking the lives and health of the people. Family Island communities which do not have adequate medical resources to look after people, are especially vulnerable.”

The PLP continues to urge the government urgently to change course, and implement the PLP Action Plan. The 10-point Action Plan is based on internationally-recognised protocols. 

“As we have said since the beginning of this pandemic, we have to deal with the health crisis, before we are able to fully deal with the economic crisis. We cannot re-open safely to tourists, and the local economy will not be revived, until the health crisis is dealt with.

It is madness to continue to enforce this chaotic hodge-podge of Emergency Orders, Curfews and Lockdowns, and expect a different result. They are clearly not working and only serve to continue the suffering of the Bahamian people. Despite what he says, the sole Competent Authority, the Prime Minister, is not fully implementing scientific advice. The Government must not abandon the Bahamian people.”

Senator Sweeting also offered a message of hope to the people of Spanish Wells: “We are a strong, resilient people. We know we must play our part in keeping ourselves and our communities safe. Please strictly follow all the health protocols: wear your masks, wash your hands and maintain physical distancing. If you are positive or know that you have come into contact with someone who is, please take it upon yourself to isolate and quarantine. We need help but we can also help ourselves.”